Sen. Sampson Offers Bill for Real Solution to CT Gun Violence – Targets Criminal Gun Traffickers

March 30, 2022


Sen. Sampson supports legislation (S.B. 430) that funds a Statewide Firearms Trafficking Task Force to get illegal guns out of our communities and identify criminals who traffic these weapons. Here, Senator Sampson describes the legislation, and how the program can be funded without added cost to CT families. (Government Administration and Elections Committee, Mar. 29, 2022)


Providing a further update on Governor Lamont and Democrat-majority’s onerous gun-control efforts, Senator Sampson said:


“Every year it seems the Democrats come to the legislature ready for more and more gun control legislation. This year is no different.


There are a few bills still pending that would ban even more firearms and continue to punish law abiding gun owners for the acts of criminals. If you follow me, you know I have been the loudest voice in the senate challenging attacks on the 2nd amendment since I’ve been there.


Along with several colleagues in the House that share my passion for the 2nd Amendment, we have put the Democrats on notice that they are in for a fight if they try to move these bad anti-gun and anti-American bills forward. With any luck, we can stop or at least neuter the worst of it.


That said, there is something we can do about the rise in violence in our state. When the left brings up “gun violence”, I always remind them that what they are referring to is not law-abiding gun owners and their “assault” rifles, the vast majority of crime and violence committed with firearms is from illegally obtained and possessed handguns in the cities, trafficked and used by gangs and drug dealers.


For years now, I have offered as an amendment that we should restore funding to the statewide firearm trafficking task force. Amazingly this year, along with all of his anti-gun policy, Governor Lamont made the same suggestion. As a result, my bill to do just that has made it on several agendas this session. I had the chance to speak about it earlier this week.


The majority of onerous parts of the Governor’s gun control proposal S.B. 16 including bans on others, gun parts etc., as well open carry have recently been stripped from the language of the bill.


All that remains is the trafficking task force and some language about licensing firearm dealers. This is an incredible achievement. Kudos to our house Ranking Member Rep. Fishbein for negotiating these changes. We have a quite a few strong 2A legislators on the Judiciary committee and I am sure our presence was felt by the Democrat leadership when deciding if they wanted to debate the bill in committee. Anyway, a huge win for gun owners and freedom lovers in CT today!”