Sen. Miner Testifies on School Opioid Antagonist Safety Measures

March 2, 2022


Deputy Senate Republican Leader Craig Miner (R-Litchfield) yesterday testified before the Committee on Children on a proposal (Raised H.B. 5244) that seeks to mitigate Connecticut’s growing opioid epidemic by enabling schools to obtain opioid antagonists to treat children in opioid emergency situations, by a school nurse or qualified staff member. The bill mirrors elements of a Senate Republican measure that was previously submitted to the Judiciary Committee for the 2022 legislative session. Specifically, Senator Miner and Senate Republicans are asking for immediate grant funding for boards of education to provide this emergency measure, which is not included in this existing bill.


“The news earlier this year of a child’s death as a result of fentanyl ingested while in school is a jarring wake up call. It is heartbreaking and unacceptable. No parent should experience that loss and pain. No child should see that happen to their classmate.


“Both this proposal and the Senate Republican proposal would authorize a school nurse or qualified employee to administer opioid antagonists in schools in emergency situations and would require that at least one qualified individual is on school grounds during school hours. The current proposal raised by the Children’s Committee does not make grants available to boards of education until next fiscal year (fiscal year ending June 30, 2023). I believe we need to make funding available immediately and we must work together to prioritize funding the state has available today to provide this emergency measure as soon as possible,” said Senator Miner.


Senator Miner also urged the Committee to consider additions to the legislation that include:


  • investment in a in a public awareness campaign on the dangers of fentanyl and increased penalties for the illegal sale of fentanyl to give law enforcement another tool to get these drugs off our streets and save lives;
  • expanding the criteria for which school staff may become authorized to administer the antagonist.


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The Senate Republican comprehensive plan to combat the state’s fentanyl crisis is available here: