Sen. Kelly Statement on Agreement to Keep Sikorsky’s Headquarters in the State Through 2042, Positioning CT for Future Helicopter Program

March 28, 2022

HARTFORD – Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) released the following statement regarding an agreement between the State of Connecticut with Lockheed Martin to sustain more than 7,000 jobs, and keep Sikorsky’s headquarters in Connecticut through 2042:


“The best and safest helicopters in the world are made by Sikorsky and by our talented Connecticut workforce, including Marine One which has always flown the President of the United States. The new helicopter program to replace the Black Hawk will be in the best hands when manufactured in Connecticut. What is best for every Commander in Chief is best for all our troops and civilians served by those helicopters. We need to keep these helicopters manufactured here, where we have the greatest workforce with skills to innovate for our future.


“Sikorsky creates thousands of jobs, is involved in our community, and drives business to many smaller manufacturers, suppliers, and local mom-and-pop shops across our state. A commitment by Sikorsky to continue innovating in our state and creating opportunity is an investment in the next generation of workers and families. These are high-paying jobs and careers that offer a pathway to prosperity. The labor force which makes up the Sikorsky family keeps us free abroad and saves lives.”