Sen. Kelly, Rep. Scanlon Honor St. Patrick’s Day at State Capitol

March 16, 2022

Today, members of the Connecticut General Assembly’s Irish Caucus- led by caucus co-chairs Rep. Sean Scanlon (D- Branford, Guilford) and Sen. Kevin Kelly (R- Stratford, Monroe, Seymour, Shelton) – presented an Irish flag at the State Capitol during a ceremony in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and the 100th anniversary of Irish independence.


The Irish flag presented during Wednesday’s ceremony has flown over the Irish legislature and was sent to Connecticut by Irish Senator Mark Daly.


“Connecticut is home to a large and vibrant Irish-American community, and I was proud to with members of the Irish Caucus from both sides of the aisle today to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Irish independence,” said Rep. Scanlon.


“Today we gather to celebrate our heritage, our culture, and our faith. We honor Saint Patrick and the Irish culture of thousands of families across Connecticut and beyond,” said Sen. Kelly. “We also remember the 100th anniversary of Irish independence. May the resiliency of the Irish people, the desire for freedom, independence, and peace be celebrated. And may the sacrifices made to achieve a better life for their families and their country be remembered and honored today.”


For more background on the story of the first Irish flag to be flown in Ireland’s history, and the meaning behind the flag’s colors, CLICK HERE.