Sen. Hwang to “Stand with Ukraine”

March 4, 2022

Senator Hwang joins Southport’s Ukrainian American Club to Stand with Ukraine Americans and Support for Perils of Children Trauma from War Displacement


-Senator Tony Hwang (R-28)

– Michael Gudzik, President, Ukraine American Club 

(whose family help found the UAC in 1916)

-Interfaith Clergy members

-Claudia Connor “Save the Children

What: Stand with Ukraine Americans and Support for Perils of Children Trauma from War Displacement

Where: Ukrainian American Club (279 King’s Drive, Southport, CT)

When: Saturday, March 5, 2022 at 1:00 PM 


The Ukrainian American Club (UAC) has a rich 100+ year history here in Southport, Connecticut. Club members are holding a gathering on Saturday to express solidarity with the Ukrainian people and government as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukrainian cities continues. The Club’s members have family members in Ukraine who they have not been able to communicate with during this time of international conflict. 


“This rally will be in part about recognizing the trauma, confusion and displacement of Ukrainian children who are having to experience war at such a young age,” said Senator Hwang. “The unimaginable is happening right in these children’s back yards. 


I am thankful that we have a supportive community to circle around those of our neighbors whose families are being directly impacted. Hearing their stories about their family members and life experiences serve as a needed reminder that we are one human race, no matter which country we live in. My heart and prayers are with the Ukrainian people.”


The rally is also in response to the numerous calls to the UAC from concerned citizens throughout the state who have offered to help and join efforts to send an anti-war message, joining nations around the world in an unprecedented movement to protect the freedom, and human rights of Ukrainian citizens.


Elected officials, dignitaries, leaders, performers and other esteemed guests from around the state are expected to participate during the rally. Fundraising opportunities, as well as information on how people can help the Ukrainians in the unfolding humanitarian crisis, will also be on site.


The public is asked to bring signs, musical instruments, balloons, flowers, and anything that will help spread the message of freedom, unity and democracy. But most importantly, this is a chance to raise our collective voices and to speak out against the senseless and brutal takeover of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin. 


For further information or donation inquiries, call the UAC at (203) 259-2913.