Sen. Formica Commends Passage of Tax Relief Package

March 24, 2022

Senate Republican Leader Pro Tempore Paul Formica (R-20) joined a united legislature in supporting a three-part tax relief package yesterday evening.

The effort was spurred by Connecticut Senate and House Republican caucuses calling for a cut to the gas tax two weeks ago and fueled by public outcry over skyrocketing gas prices.

“People are facing additional financial hardship at every turn. This vote was a step toward at least providing temporary relief to Connecticut consumers. There are only certain portions of gas prices the state government can control, and I am glad we stood ready and unified in taking action,” said Sen. Formica.

House Bill 5501 is a three part bill that enables:

  • A 3 month suspension of the state’s excise tax on gasoline
  • A week-long sales tax holiday on clothing
  • 3 months of free bus service

“I’m hopeful that we have already experienced the peak in these historic levels of inflation. Depending on the world market for what ‘America runs on’ can be a costly and volatile enterprise, and we need to begin as a country looking for a long-term solution,” added Sen. Formica.