Sen. Cicarella Statement on Attempted Catalytic Converter Theft, Gunshot in Wallingford on Mar. 27

March 30, 2022

State Sen. Paul Cicarella (R-North Haven), member of both the Public Safety and Security Committee and Judiciary Committee, today issued a statement on the report of an attempted catalytic converter theft and ensuing gunshot fired at a victim in Wallingford in the early morning hours of March 27.


“My thoughts are with the victim of this senseless incident, and other victims of crime around the state. As I understand, the victim fortunately was not injured. This is another crime in a wave of catalytic converter thefts across Connecticut, and these crimes have now turned violent. People in our community have every right to feel safe and there is no place for criminals who not only steal property but also endanger the lives of innocent families,” said Senator Cicarella.


“This is a problem that must be addressed immediately. That is why I’m advocating for legislation and co-sponsoring a bill that is a first step in deterring this type of criminal activity, but more work must be done. I encourage my colleagues to act quickly to prevent further danger and harm to innocent residents,” he said.


Senator Cicarella worked with House and Senate colleagues at the beginning of the 2022 session to co-sponsor S.B. 256, which imposes restrictions on and requires recordkeeping by motor vehicle recyclers, scrap metal processors and junk dealers when purchasing catalytic converters.


More information on Senator Cicarella and Senate Republicans’ comprehensive plan to address crime across the state can be found at