Sen. Cicarella, Rep. Zullo Meet with East Haven Residents at Twin Pines Diner

March 28, 2022

Sen. Paul Cicarella (R-34) (left) and Rep. Joe Zullo (R-99) (right) are pictured with a local student who attended the “Coffee with Your Legislator” event at the Twin Pines Diner in East Haven on Friday, Mar. 25. The legislators representing East Haven co-hosted the event to discuss the 2022 legislative session. This is the lawmakers’ second community event in East Haven this month. “It’s important to always listen and learn from local residents and business owners. There is no substitute for a one-on-one conversation, and these events are the best way for us to represent the voice of our community in Hartford,” said Sen. Cicarella and Rep. Zullo in a joint statement. More information on upcoming community events can be found on their websites, or