UPDATE: 2020 Prospect Voter Fraud Issue

March 11, 2022
Recently, there was an article in the Waterbury Rep-Am entitled “Sampson Rejects Payment” here.
I thought it might be worthwhile to share the whole story since a short newspaper article couldn’t possibly cover all the details.
This story is a result of a Democrat Town Councilor from Prospect challenging me to reimburse legal fees incurred by the Town of Prospect based on a State Elections Enforcement Commission complaint I filed back in April of 2021 here.
I encourage those interested to read the entire complaint and even more importantly the lengthy email exchange I had with the Democrat Registrar of Voters that I submitted with the complaint here.(start from the bottom to read in order of timeline)
You will see that I made repeated and exceptionally polite inquiries to the Registrar’s office into what happened with an elderly voter on election day in November of 2020. It was reported to me that she was turned away from the polls and informed she could not cast her vote because she had already voted by absentee ballot. The Prospect RTC chairman is the person who shared that with me and also the person that helped this voter revisit the polls later on election day where she was ultimately allowed to fill out a new voter registration and cast her vote.
Following that day, I made numerous inquiries to find out what really happened. Sadly, the Democrat registrar could not or would not answer my questions and after trying several times to get to the bottom of it, I was forced to file a formal complaint with the SEEC. At no time did I attack the integrity or hard work of any Prospect election officials. Even my complaint begins by stating that “I regret having to formally file this complaint since there is likely a simple and innocent explanation. Unfortunately, it has not yet been provided. I’m sorry also that I have to list the registrars in Prospect as respondents since I have great respect and appreciation for the hard working local elections staff across our state, including the Town of Prospect.”
Ultimately the SEEC did its own investigation and issued this Resolution:
From the resolution, it appears that there was a simple explanation all along and the investigation simply consisted of the Registrars providing the same information to the SEEC that I had asked to begin with.
I believe it is important for all the information to be made public since this Democrat Town Council person has publicly condemned me for “carelessly making allegations without a thorough investigation”, “public posturing in light of voting issues that have come up nationally”, as well as demanding that I pay back legal fees incurred by the Town of Prospect as a result of my complaint.
Those comments are untrue and irresponsible. I did attempt my own investigation. I only filed the complaint as a last resort when I did not get answers. If anyone is posturing for political purposes, I believe it is the Democrat Town Council member.
I am baffled why there would be any legal fees at all, let alone $3673.00. The whole investigation consisted of the Registrar simply explaining what happened with this voter on election day – something she could have simply done with me to begin with and avoid this. If anyone is responsible for those legal fees, it is the Democrat Registrar. The fact that this legal bill exists is worth another investigation all by itself.
Finally, I remain somewhat unsatisfied with the resolution produced by the SEEC. The explanation provided by the Democrat Registrar of Voters is neat and tidy but it does not match what I was told back on election day of 2020. Many questions remain. I am curious why the voter herself is not quoted in the resolution, nor is she quoted in the newspaper story. I would be curious to hear her reaction to the resolution and the newspaper article.
My purpose from the beginning of this has been to simply make sure that a Prospect voter was not disenfranchised and that our election system remains held to a high standard so that all voters regardless of party can be confident in the results. I stand by my actions and encourage anyone and everyone to read these documents to satisfy their own curiosity.