Clarifying Critical Race Theory.

March 11, 2022
Yet another completely dishonest article about what Critical Race Theory is, where it is taught, and what GOP lawmakers like me are doing about it HERE.
In the article, Mr. Courtmanche claims:
“In June, legislation was introduced into the Connecticut General Assembly by Republican lawmaker Rob Sampson that would ban any approach to teaching about race that makes students feel ‘discomfort’.”
He goes on to imply that I am “scared that we educators are indoctrinating our students to embrace the diversity of cultures found within our borders, I can assure him he has nothing to fear.”
and worse, he implies that people like me “would ban books.”
The truth of course is much different. Simply put, I am against the teaching of biased political ideology in the classroom – even if it matches my own. I am also against teaching a false version of history for political purposes or to further division between students based on their skin color.
If you are in doubt about who is being honest or who has the right idea… you can read my amendment that I offered on the Senate floor yourself here. (I note that Mr. Courtmanche failed to share it in his article)
and even better, you watch the debate we had on that amendment in the senate here: