Sen. Somers discusses top issues for ‘22 legislative session

February 6, 2022

(From The Day of New London)

State Sen. Heather Somers, R-Groton, has helped engineer a Republican proposal with a series of policies geared toward greater access to mental health for children and, in general, maternal and workforce mental health, among other issues.

Somers spoke of other bills she’s working on, including “bills to deal with our fishermen.”

She brought up how offshore wind has affected fishermen in the area, who have said their concerns are being ignored by federal officials working to lease massive tracts of ocean bottom off the Northeast coast to wind power companies.

“Some of those tracts of bottom also happen to be in areas where fishing boats land their catches and transit. If they can’t fish anymore in the areas these wind farms are going, there needs to be some sort of compensation for them,” Somers said. “We are putting them out of business, and they have spent a lot of money on these ships.”
She also mentioned working on legislation that would be “an overhaul of the judicial process itself” and “help to bring cases to prosecution more easily.”