Sen. Rob Sampson reacts to Governor Lamont’s State of the State address

February 9, 2022

VIDEO from the Rally:


Today’s remarks from the Governor left no question that this is an election year. This might seem odd seeing that there were hundreds of Connecticut voters standing outside who were never even acknowledged by the state’s top official. Throngs of people just on the other side of the capitol building wall were loudly voicing their continued opposition to the school mask mandate in particular, but certainly their call for an end to all Covid-related mandates. Today, Governor Lamont spoke of a Connecticut that is a far cry from the state we live in every day, complete with all the challenges that have existed far ahead of his poor handling of the pandemic.

There were three lines in particular delivered during his remarks where I found it particularly evident that he was campaigning and not governing:

“While Connecticut remains one of the safest states in the country, certain crimes are up. Many of the car thefts and other street crimes are a symptom of a population reeling after two years of Covid-hell.”

This is an incorrect statement and sentiment in all interpretations. Do not minimize the fear residents face every day concerned about the safety of their property, families and themselves. This state has been shaken to its core as we currently experience the tipping point of a decades long weakening of our state’s criminal justice laws at the hands of two far left Democratic governors and their willing majorities in the legislature.  Moreover, no one should forget that the damage from this Governor’s lockdown and mandate-heavy Covid response is a far bigger factor than Covid itself.

“This year I’m proposing meaningful property tax reform…  reduce car tax bills in more than 100 towns, often by hundreds of dollars per car!”


This is yet another deception. These are not tax cuts but rather tax “shifts” that will reduce municipal aid and drive up property taxes. Towns have been stretched beyond their financial capacities between the pandemic and storm clean ups, and now the Governor is planning to cut off their car tax revenue. The charges will have to increase somewhere, so expect to see your mill rates or other local fees go up to make up for the lost money if it passes. Republicans on the other hand will propose real tax reform that focuses on streamlining government, reducing wasteful spending, and actually cutting taxes. The Connecticut Democrats – the most radical in the nation – are trying to convince voters they actually want to cut taxes which is as ludicrous as it is offensive to the senses.  Don’t trust them.


Finally, “It is very nice to see so many of you back in the flesh! It’s been too long”

You’re right, Governor, it’s been too long. It is also deeply disappointing that you think Connecticut citizens will be fooled by having legislative Democrats do your bidding to extend a public health emergency with no parameters for success or failure, also conveniently extending extra-constitutional authority to you and your unscientific and un-American medical mandates.


I am excited to see Connecticut citizens taking a renewed interest in what their state government is up to.  That will bode well for Republicans going forward.


State Senator Rob Sampson, R-16