Sen. Rob Sampson on Local Actions Taken to Advocate for Students

February 3, 2022

Sen. Rob Sampson (R-16) commented on the actions taken at last night’s Board of Education meeting in Bristol, Connecticut.


Great news for those in the fight for freedom in our state. For much of the last year, I have been calling on local governments to begin asserting themselves as the true policymakers for their towns and their school districts.


Last night, courageous Republicans on the Bristol Board of Education passed a short but powerful resolution reminding Governor Lamont and the Democrats running the legislature of the way our system works – a civics lesson really – and about how this country recognizes individuals as the source of political power and that government at all levels exists only through the consent of those individuals. This is exactly why any government actions that limit the freedom of individuals must always be questioned and challenged.


The resolution says that decisions regarding masks in schools, curriculum issues and the power to make them should be made by people themselves and their local town representatives. I will share a copy of the resolution once I have one.


I am so proud of the thousands of parents statewide who have had the courage to speak up and raise their concerns by attending local and state board of education meetings, the many groups formed across the state to fight for the right of parents, and these fine patriots in Bristol who are doing their job as it was intended, truly representing the will of their constituents and our American system of representative government.


The mask mandate in schools is nothing short of child abuse. It is not based in any kind of science or legitimacy. Those that say otherwise have not a shred of evidence to the contrary. Infection rates in states with and without the mandate are indistinguishable. Healthy school age children are not at risk from COVID-19. Masks even worn under the best conditions show insignificant efficacy. It’s long past time for this mandate to end.


I am also hearing other local boards of education across our state are planning to pass similar resolutions. Encourage your local representatives to do the same. Imagine if we could get 10 or 20 or even 100 towns to pass such a resolution. The Governor has already backed off his desire for a 7th extension of his mandates, hoping the legislature does the dirty work for him. This is our chance to create enough pressure to force Democrat lawmakers to back down on passing such a mandate into law in the coming weeks. We can do this.