Sen. Kissel Opposes Assisted Suicide Bill

February 22, 2022

Senator John A. Kissel (R-Enfield), who serves as Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee, issued the following statement in advance of a Wednesday, Feb. 23 public hearing against a bill proposal that would legalize assisted suicide in Connecticut.

“This bill sends a very poor message that we, as a state, condone suicide. Helping another person commit suicide is a very serious crime. I am firmly opposed to any form of state-sanctioned assisted suicide.

“This proposal sends a terrible message to young people. Suicide is on the rise, especially amongst adolescent girls.  People with expensive medical care and bad prognoses may feel pressured to end their own lives to save money for survivors.  Other family members may put their own pressure on either intentionally or unintentionally. If family members are divided, families can be torn apart.

“Past testimony on this proposal has shown that assisted suicide is not painless.  And as hokey as it seems, assisted suicide leaves no room for miracles which happen when all hope seems lost.  This bill is poor public policy. Loving and kind hospice care should be our focus, not terminating lives. This legislation, if it passes, will inevitably lead us down a dangerous and morally slippery slope.”

Senator Kissel represents the 7th district, which currently consists of the communities of East Granby, Enfield, Granby, Somers, Suffield, Windsor, and Windsor Locks. On the web: