Kelly, Formica Urge Rejection of Governor’s Proposal to Remove Contracting Watchdog’s Enforcement Powers

February 16, 2022

Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) and Senate Republican Leader Pro Tempore Paul Formica (R-East Lyme) are calling on lawmakers to reject Governor Ned Lamont’s budget proposal to strip the Contracting Standards Board of their ability to suspend improper or illegal procurements.


“Public trust in this administration is already declining. A federal investigation is ongoing allegedly involving state contracts. And yet the Governor is proposing to further weaken the very watchdog that oversees state contracts, the same watchdog whose budget he has cut from before. The proposal is tone deaf at best. The Contracting Standards Board has unique enforcement authority that the state auditors do not have, a power which should be protected. It’s more important now than ever to embrace our state watchdogs and shine a light on government. The Contracting Standards Board was formed under Governor Jodi Rell as part of her Clean Contracting system which has been under assault by Democrats ever since.  The board does important work and has most recently raised significant questions regarding the Port Authority and state pier project in an effort to enhance transparency,” said Sens. Kelly and Formica.


“For too long we have seen government operate in the dark lead to outcomes that have broken public confidence. From COVID-19 relief dollars allegedly being misused to now a federal investigation allegedly into contracts overseen by the executive branch, enough is enough. The Governor has much work ahead of him to prove to the public that he is committed to transparency and rebuilding their trust. Targeting the Contracting Standards Board repeatedly and urging lawmakers to take away their enforcement ability only makes the situation worse. We urge lawmakers to reject these proposals and support greater transparency and accountability throughout government.”


Sens. Kelly and Formica are also calling on lawmakers to advance policies to enhance government accountability this legislative session. Read their proposals here.