Kelly, Formica Respond to Governor’s Gun Policy Proposals, Call for a Safer CT

February 7, 2022

Sen. Kelly, Sen. Formica Again Urge Action on Senate Republicans’ Comprehensive Plan to Create a Safer Connecticut


Senate Republicans’ “Better Way to a Safer Connecticut” Seeks to Remove Barriers to Intervention Services, Address Root Causes of Crime, Create Opportunity, and Improve Crime Response


HARTFORD – Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) and Senate Republican Leader Pro Tempore Paul Formica (R-East Lyme) responded to a press conference held today by Governor Ned Lamont on addressing violence in Connecticut. Sen. Kelly and Sen. Formica are renewing calls to the legislature to advance the Senate Republicans’ “Better Way to a Safer Connecticut” plan that will implement justice reforms and address the root causes of crime with support and opportunity. Read the plan here.


“We appreciate that Governor Lamont is finally starting to acknowledge that people are screaming for help and we hope to work together to achieve a safer Connecticut. But it is disappointing that nowhere in the Governor’s release was there any mention of ‘opportunity.’ This is about so much more than guns, although that is where the Governor wants the focus. It is about the permissive policies enacted by Democrats that enable violent repeat offenders to continue committing crimes. It is about our state being dead last in job growth and income growth and lacking the opportunities to help people avoid turning to crime in the first place,” said Sens. Kelly and Formica.


“A safer Connecticut starts with a stronger Connecticut. It starts with an economy that can support jobs and housing, build hope, and create a path to success for young people. It starts with services to address trauma. It starts with proactive policing, appropriate consequences for high risk repeat offenders, and ensuring our justice system has the tools to successfully rehabilitate. We need all voices working together to make our state a safer place for every family in every city and town.”


“Bridgeport saw over 10,900 shots fired last year, more than double the year before. Just this morning a 21-year-old was killed and a second woman critically injured in Hartford. It was the second homicide in less than 24 hours and the third of the year. The women were shot while sleeping in their beds. These shootings are unacceptable and highlight the need to get illegal guns off our streets. Targeting law abiding gun owners does not stop the illegal gun activity that is killing our children. That must be recognized when crafting policy to address this violence.


“Senate Republicans have a plan for a Safer Connecticut we developed after meeting with community leaders, service providers, youth advocates, and law enforcement to implement a comprehensive approach to stop and prevent crime. We will be offering legislation this year to implement this plan in full. Read the Senate Republicans’ plan for a Safer Connecticut at We must not only establish appropriate consequences to combat crime, but also to prevent crime, to create opportunity and hope, and to rehabilitate by looking at the big picture.”