Kelly & Formica Call for Public Hearings on Gov. Lamont’s Emergency Orders

February 1, 2022

HARTFORD — Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) and Senate Republican Leader Pro Tempore Paul Formica (R-East Lyme) released the following statement calling for official public hearings, including in person testimony and participation of all committees of cognizance, regarding the Governor’s request to codify his executive orders into state law:


“It is past time for the people to have a voice in this process. We are calling on legislative leaders to immediately hold official public hearings on each of the executive orders Gov. Lamont will be asking the legislature to codify into law. We must bring each of these policies before the committees of cognizance and we must allow for in person testimony that respects the voices and access for all people. The committees of cognizance include the members of legislature who have unique knowledge and understanding of the issues that come before their committees. To not have that expertise at the table deprives us of an important component of making good laws. The committee process is the hallmark of the democratic process and it must be respected.


“Anything short of official public hearings before the committees of cognizance on these policies is nothing more than a charade. These are orders that were created by one branch of government operating in a silo without the voices of the public or the knowledge of advocates or experts outside of the Governor’s inner circle. Democratic lawmakers extended Gov. Lamont’s powers six times. They chose the end date for these executive orders. But they did nothing for nearly two years to give the public a voice in the process to enhance and codify these orders as legislation.


“It’s been estimated that nearly a quarter of Connecticut residents don’t have internet access. Last year, we saw Connecticut Democrats use virtual technology to limit conversation and suppress people’s voices.  Connecticut has a legislative process on which our nation was built that ensures all members of the public can participate in government. That process must be respected and all people must have the opportunity to weigh in, to participate, to share their real life COVID-19 experiences with lawmakers and committees with expertise in these areas.”