2022 Legislative Session: What to Watch For

February 8, 2022

The 2022 Legislative Session is here. This year is a “short” session, where we convene on February 9 and gavel-out on May 4. In this short session, there are key items that I wanted to bring to your attention. I will continue to provide updates on these matters throughout the session and please continue to reach out to my office to voice your questions and concerns. It is again an honor to serve as Your Voice in Hartford.




Extension of Governor’s Mandates/Executive Authority

Governor Lamont recently wrote to legislative leaders to request the extension of now 11 existing executive orders that include measures that he deems necessary to protect the public from Covid-19. It is unclear whether the Majority leadership will seek to combine these measures into one bill or vote individually on each one. Because each mandate is unique and impacts different areas of our lives, we as a legislature should take the latter approach and treat each as a separate measure.

Yesterday, the Governor indicated, in a roundabout way, that he has withdrawn a statewide mask mandate–including for schools–and will leave this decision to towns and boards of education. What he did not fully explain is his plan to keep open the door for a schoolwide mask mandate should the unelected bureaucrats in the Dept. of Public Health and Dept. of Education deem this action necessary. This provision will be implemented through pending legislation. He did not provide specific metrics that would compel these state agencies to re-institute a school mask mandate.

This new position is unacceptable. As a ranking member of the legislature’s Education Committee, I will continue to advocate for parents’ choice when it comes to masking children in our schools. After two years, we now have the tools to mitigate Covid-19 based on our own risk tolerance. It is time to allow parents to make this choice for their own children instead of government bureaucrats.


CT Crime Epidemic

The unprecedented crime wave in Connecticut is not a myth, as critics say. Families across our district know this to be true as we’ve seen car thefts and robberies almost constantly.

In 2021, our Senate Republican Caucus met with local police chiefs, law enforcement professionals and community leaders to get their feedback on solutions to curb this crime and restore safety in our backyard. I and my Senate Republican colleagues have since introduced measures that take a holistic approach to stop the lawless actions of criminals, including youth offenders. These measures are A Better Way to a Safer CT and can be viewed hereThey include enhanced consequences for serious crimes as well as ways to put young people on a path to a career instead of crime.


Tax Relief Proposals

There is a projected General Fund surplus of $915.6 million in the current fiscal year along with a state Rainy Day Fund in the billions. I and my Senate Republican colleagues have a plan for a series of tax breaks on Connecticut residents that will save families money immediately, and not a year down the road as the Governor is proposing. Read more on our plan for an Affordable Connecticut here.


Pandemic Recovery

As the COVID-19 pandemic enters its third year, many businesses continue to be affected by negative impacts on the workforce. These lingering impacts include labor shortages and childcare needs for workers.




Care for those with Obesity

Obesity is a chronic medical condition that affects 29 percent of people in our state and its cost to taxpayers is estimated to be billions of dollars. As a ranking member of our Human Services Committee, I am working with a bipartisan group of legislators to again introduce legislation that expands healthcare options to help those who battle this condition each day. This legislation involves adding bariatric and metabolic surgical procedures to healthcare plans for those who don’t have access to employer-sponsored plans or Medicaid.

As an obesity survivor and bariatric and metabolic patient, this procedure restored my quality of life. We are working to do the same for the thousands of Connecticut residents suffering from this disease.


Workforce Development

As mentioned above, there is not a shortage of jobs in our area but a shortage of workers. I plan to work with colleagues to bring career opportunities to young people who wish to enter the workforce after high school instead of college. These opportunities range from apprentice/internship opportunities to co-op programs. In return, these programs can help local businesses that need staffing to provide needed services in the district while also putting young people on a successful career track.


Mental Health Services for Families

After two years of the Covid pandemic, mental health disorders among children and adults have sharply risen. While government sought to mitigate Covid’s transmission, the unintended consequence has been social and financial anxiety among thousands of Connecticut families. My Senate Republican colleagues and I recently introduced a package of measures to help those who are struggling with mental health issues. You can read our full plan here.


An Eye on Taxes and Tolls – The Answer Remains ‘No’

After a failed attempt at tolls for passenger vehicles, and then another failed push for the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) Gas Tax, the Lamont Administration conceded on both measures–for now. Since that time, though, Governor Lamont and the Democrat majority passed a “truck tax” in the middle of the pandemic–while citizens were not allowed to participate in an in-person public hearing on the matter. This tax is effective next year, and imposes a per-mile user fee for large commercial trucks in the state. This tax will surely be passed on to consumers.

Also, we have seen the Governor and Majority Democrats change positions on these issues and we cannot be certain that tolls or the TCI Gas Tax are completely off the table going forward. I will remain a steadfast watchdog on any attempt to increase the cost of living for families in our district, and will rally against these measures as we did in 2021.



Please use the following resources to stay engaged throughout the legislative session:

  • Watch: click here to view a schedule of daily legislative committee meetings, Senate and House sessions and other activities at the Capitol. You can watch these events live and stream previous events.
  • Be Heard: click here for the General Assembly’s website to submit written testimony on a specific bill.