Sen. Tony Hwang Responds to Gov. Lamont’s Emergency Powers & School Mask Mandate

January 21, 2022

Friday the Governor made comments requesting that the legislature codify 11 remaining executive orders into law, including a statewide school mask requirement. If the Connecticut General Assembly cannot get this done ahead of the February 15 expiration of these orders, Governor Lamont suggested that they extend his emergency powers through March 15.


State Senator Tony Hwang issued this statement in response to those comments.


“I will not support any further extension of Governor Lamont’s emergency executive powers. I stand ready, as a lawmaker, to address all 11 executive orders along with any issues affecting our state and my constituents. I will diligently and thoughtfully consider if those policies, that were unilaterally enacted by Governor Lamont during this global pandemic, are still necessary to make permanent moving forward.


“On the executive order regarding In-school mask mandate, I can tell you that without demonstrated medical data and science-based research facts, I will not support a statewide imposed school mask mandate. If families, just like any person, would like to wear a mask to school, they are welcome to – but at this point the social-emotional cost is outweighing the perceived good that universal mask mandates in schools provide. I look forward to engaging in this and any future legislative debates and to representing the interests of my constituents on policies and issues affecting their lives both today and in the future.”