January 6, 2022

Senator Tony Hwang joined his Senate Republican colleagues on Tuesday January 4, 2022 to continue their work on meaningful public policy proposals and legislative priorities, “A Better Way to a More Affordable Connecticut.” This announcement comes just weeks before the opening of the 2022 regular legislative session, which begins on February 9, 2022.


“I want to reduce the CT sales tax rate from the current 6.35% to 5.99% and eliminate the 1% surcharge on restaurants and prepared foods. This proposed reduction will help Connecticut families who are being stretched to the point of financial hardship when their daily living costs are escalating due to the significant rise in inflation. The state taxes sitting on top of escalating prices of household necessities is making trips to the grocery store challenging. Connecticut residents need relief now,” said Sen. Hwang.


“In addition, I agree with the Governor’s initiative to provide an earned income tax credit percentage increase from 23% to 41.5% will be a financial help to lower income and middle class families. While a one-time payout is a help, we as a state government need to do more. The cut to the sales tax and the removal of the additional tax at restaurants and for prepared food will make those meals out and purchases easier for every CT resident EVERY time they shop, thereby providing meaningful financial relief. This will also support our struggling small businesses and food and service industry professionals,” continued Sen. Hwang.


You can read more about the sales tax plan here: