Sen. Rob Sampson’s Statement on Governor’s Extension of Powers

January 14, 2022

It is being reported that Governor Ned Lamont is contemplating extending Connecticut’s state of emergency in response to the coronavirus yet again.  For those not paying attention, it is this state of emergency that has allowed the Governor himself to exercise unprecedented authority over the citizens of this state, while establishing arbitrary, unscientific, and unamerican mandates unbecoming a free people – and penalties to go with them.


As we pass the two-year mark, I find it astounding that he and the Democratic leadership of the general assembly continue to perpetrate such an obvious fraud on the people of our state – and that the media has largely enabled it to continue.  How do they explain the near identical public health outcomes in other states with no emergency declarations, totalitarian government mandates and edicts, and no blundering leadership?!  It is clear there has been zero benefit to Connecticut residents in exchange for their forfeiture of representative constitutional government.


I have repeatedly brought to light the truth about where we stand in relation to the pandemic, the relative danger to our hospital system and the true value (or lack thereof) of the Governor’s countermeasures – each time using data right from the administration’s own Department of Public Health as well as federal agencies like HHS and the CDC (my remarks from July 14, 2021 State Senate, September 28, 2021 State Senate).  The data reported by the administration has been overly vague and often purposely misleading, making statistics appear worse than if they were given proper context.  I continue to seek the facts for the purpose of generating sound public policy. (Sept 2021 Letter, Jan 2022 Letter)


Despite the best efforts of this administration and others blindly following their assertions about where we stand, thankfully new information is coming to light every day.  Many sources who have hidden the truth about the efficacy and safety of vaccines and masks are now acknowledging what many have been saying for over a year now.  Even CNN has begun reporting that the vaccines fail to prevent transmission, nullifying the very reason for many of the mandates we are still faced with.  Yesterday the Supreme Court reaffirmed our constitutional right to medical freedom and the need for significant limitations on our government in interfering with it.


The Governor’s greatly expanded powers are not only being used in direct conflict of their intent, but they are being used poorly, e.g., the mysterious disappearance and patched-up distribution of at-home test kits, and the ultimate decision to triple the cost to taxpayers to save face. Hardworking municipal leaders and health departments were sent orders from the governor’s office to urgently assemble plans to distribute supplies which were not ever even confirmed to be on their way to Connecticut.  Following months of instilling fear and stressing the importance of getting tested while allowing that information to dictate our occupational and social lives, on the most-traveled week of the year, our state was without those necessary supplies.  The parade of mistakes and unbelievable excuses should not be forgotten.  How exactly were those extra-Constitutional powers protecting our best interests then?


I have been and will continue to be the most outspoken opponent to this state of emergency and the extra powers it provides the Governor. When we look back on this experience, we should never forget the incredible breaking points to which many of us have been brought, not because of COVID-19 but this government’s response to it.  People have lost their businesses and their livelihoods. Many have had to sacrifice their careers, their retirements, and their savings both by complying with nonsensical policy mandates, or by refusing to comply with them on principle.  Mental health problems are skyrocketing.  Crime is rampant. Suicides are at record levels.  Remote learning has been a disaster that is failing our students.  The ramifications of this government’s actions will be felt for decades to come. None of us should ever allow any of it to be forgotten.

Forget another extension.  The Governor needs to rescind the emergency declaration immediately and relinquish his powers.  He and the majority Democrats have long been exaggerating COVID’s impact on the ability of our state government to operate. It’s shameless and in my opinion, criminal.


COVID-19 will likely be with us for years to come but it is time to for us to demand that it is addressed truthfully. It should not be under or overstated, and not used for the political purposes it has been for the last two years.  Our duty now is to undo the mess and begin laying the groundwork for workable changes that enable people to return to work, students to return to school, and each of us to return to living their lives.  We must develop a path to real recovery so we can move forward, and that will begin once the Governor abdicates his monarchical rule and returns the government and the state to the people.


State Senator Rob Sampson (R-16) serves as the ranking senator of the legislature’s Government, Administration and Elections Committee. In early September 2020, Senator Sampson led the effort that ended up necessitating a meeting of the media-named “Group of 10” legislative leaders to hold a vote to approve the extension.