Sen. Rob Sampson Responds to Gov. Lamont’s Challenge to Legislature to “Adopt or Extend” Covid Policies

January 25, 2022

Late Friday, the Governor made comments to the media requesting that the legislature codify 11 remaining executive orders into law, including a statewide school mask requirement. If they cannot get this done ahead of the February 15 expiration of these orders, he suggested that they extend his emergency powers through March 15.

Sen. Rob Sampson (R-16) released the following statement in response to Gov. Lamont’s requests:

“Just the day prior to the Governor’s request, Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the UK announced the end of the pandemic-driven policies: ‘And having looked at the data carefully, the Cabinet concluded that once regulations lapse, the government will no longer mandate the wearing of face masks anywhere.’

“Does anyone else find it shocking that there is more individual freedom in Britain than in Connecticut? All over the country – and the world, people are learning to live with reality of COVID-19.  They have seen that authoritarian safety measures are no longer needed – thankfully, because the virus appears to be waning but even more so because those policies have clearly failed.  Enough is enough Governor Lamont.  I again call up on you to not just give up on an extension but to rescind the state of emergency and your powers immediately.  While there are still covid-19 cases, and sadly some deaths, there is zero reason to justify you personally replacing an entire branch of government and the state full of residents it represents.  There is no state of emergency any longer and frankly, everyone knows it.

“If it comes to it, I will be excited to debate and vote on these policies. The exact reason we have been forced to cope with this never-ending state of emergency is because the majority democrats are shirking their responsibilities and taking a pass so the Governor alone can take the heat for oppressive mandates. Let’s test the partisan loyalties which will put democrats on the record for backing statewide mandates that are not based in science or reality. Connecticut voters are tired and frustrated and they will not forget these COVID votes this coming November, particularly the parents of thousands of Connecticut school children needlessly caught up in your mask mandate.”

Sen. Rob Sampson has repeatedly clarified the relative danger to our hospital system and the true value (or lack thereof) of the Governor’s countermeasures in managing the pandemic, each time using data right from the administration’s own Department of Public Health as well as federal agencies like HHS and the CDC. You can watch his remarks from July 14, 2021 State Senate, September 28, 2021 State Senate.  The data reported by the administration has been overly vague and often purposely misleading, making statistics appear worse than if they were given proper context.  Sampson continues to seek the facts for the purpose of generating sound public policy. (Sept 2021 Letter, Jan 2022 Letter)

Sen. Sampson has been and will continue to be the most outspoken opponent to this state of emergency and the extra powers it provides the Governor. Sen. Sampson recently said, “When we look back on this experience, we should never forget the incredible breaking points to which many of us have been brought, not because of COVID-19 but this government’s response to it.”