Sen. Berthel Calls on Gov. Lamont, Dept. of Public Health to Update Public on At-Home Covid Test Kits

January 7, 2022

Sen. Berthel seeking updated town-by-town quantities, delivery dates for State’s purchase agreements for at-home tests.


State Sen. Eric Berthel (R-Watertown), is calling on Gov. Ned Lamont and the state’s Dept. of Public Health to provide the public and municipal leaders with updated information on recent reports of the state’s pending orders of more than 2 million additional at-home Covid-19 test kits.


In the letter, Senator Berthel outlined his specific requests for further information on behalf of constituents and municipal leaders in the 32nd District and across the state. Those are:


  • The precise quantity of additional at-home Covid tests currently on order through outside vendors
  • A breakdown of how many at-home kits each vendor will deliver to Connecticut
  • The anticipated delivery schedule for each shipment
  • An updated town-by-town run of at-home kits that each town will receive from the above shipment(s)
  • How many of these at-home kits will be distributed to other state agencies, faith-based groups and nonprofits; and how many at-home tests each entity will receive


“These answers will better enable our municipal leaders to effectively plan for distribution, and efficiently deploy their valuable resources,” Sen. Berthel wrote.


“Also, as you are surely aware, thousands of Connecticut families feel overwhelmed during this time of unprecedented uncertainty. This information will also be vital to these families, enabling them to best protect their physical health.”


The full letter is attached and can be read here.