“Let me see your papers”

December 29, 2021

As I (and many others) predicted as much as a year ago, COVID passports are upon us here in Connecticut. It’s no surprise. Big government authoritarian elected Democrats are in power and they are doing exactly that, establishing more big government authority, and consequently diminishing our rights and our freedom.


Not only are vaccine passports an anathema to our American system, but we should also finally put an end to Governor Lamont’s continued abuse of power.  I have made an open and shut case for this repeatedly for the last year.  He has violated the spirit, if not the law governing public health emergencies, and his limited role in exercising executive power as a result.  His administration has suggested those that that oppose his constant assault on individual choice when it comes to medical decisions are “fearmongering.”  — He is openly calling for private businesses to begin dividing the free citizens of Connecticut into classes for the purpose of segregation and discrimination. I would say that is worth clamoring attention to.


These policies also perpetuate the conflict between two polarizing narratives.  Progressives label the unvaccinated as “ignorant” and “dangerous,” yet this virus and its variants still infect the vaccinated, who can spread the disease to others.


As human beings, we are entitled to make our own choices about vaccinations.  The primary impact of that decision is personal: this vaccination lessens the severity of an infection, but it does not mean we cannot carry the disease to others. Most importantly, the key question to an objective decision is just how “safe and effective” these “vaccines” are.  Almost daily, we learn new information that raises serious questions on both counts.


For these reasons, I implore the state to end these unnecessary mandates and properly ensure the free citizens of Connecticut can continue to make their own health choices.  The mere idea of “vaccine passports” should make every freedom loving citizen recoil.  The Governor clearly recognized that as he attempted to hide his intentions by saying “digital vaccine cards are not a passport.”


This anti-American, immoral, and misguided train only stops when the People say it does. We are blessed to live in the greatest country on Earth. Blessed and Great precisely because of our core American principles of individual freedom and our hearty natural skepticism of concentrating power in government.


If we plan to keep our country and the blessings aforementioned, we must stop the cancer of progressivism in its tracks here in Connecticut. That cancer has grown from a foothold a decade ago to a sick, all-encompassing, and non-stop litany of lies and false concern disguised as “keeping us safe” but really keeping us less FREE.


Since our founders, countless patriots have wisely warned us of the dangers we now face. I have done my best to be part of that chorus by sounding the alarm about what is coming. If you are still unsure if your government is there to “keep you safe” or rather – to deprive you of your freedom, your rights, and your future, then you have been in a deep sleep.


Last September, I laid out my fears and expectations about where things were going as the Governor renewed his Emergency Powers (without any legitimate reason or merit) for a 6th time. I am sad to say it is all coming true. If you need a refresher or an outline of what is at stake, I urge look up my speech from that day on YouTube.  It’s an hour long but worth your time:


For now, the only thing that can save us from even more tyrannical big government mandates and the loss of our culture of freedom, respect, and opportunity will be the courage of those who understand what is at stake. If you are someone who “gets it” but has kept their mouth shut all this time for fear over your job, your reputation, your neighbors etc., you must realize by now that time is running out and your silence is only emboldening the enemies of our American way of life.


I implore you and everyone else who has been speaking out all along to teach as many people you know the value of American freedom versus the collectivist socialism that has been breeding only division and hate among neighbors and bleeding us all of wealth and freedom. Don’t stop now. Speak louder. Engage everyone you know in this discussion. Challenge those who favor our current path to defend their version of science against reality and common sense. Correct them when they distort history. Stop them when they attempt to divide us by race or gender (or whatever else they choose). Teach them why respecting different perspectives is superior to silencing the truth.


And pray. Pray for our state, our country, and those who are fighting to preserve it.