Stratford Delegation, Mayor Applaud Investment in Raymark Superfund Site Remediation

December 21, 2021

STRATFORD – The Stratford state legislative delegation and the Office of the Mayor are pleased to announce the approval of a $2.5 million state bonding allocation for groundwater and soil remediation at the Raymark superfund site.


The funding was approved for allocation at today’s State Bond Commission meeting.


State lawmakers representing Stratford applauded the investment, including Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-21), Senator Dennis Bradley (D-23), Representative Joseph P. Gresko (D-121), Representative Phil Young (D-120), and Representative Ben McGorty (R-122). Stratford Mayor Laura Hoydick thanked the state for recognizing the importance of investing in the remediation of the site.


“A clean, safe environment is something all people deserve,” said Sen. Kevin Kelly. “Remediating the Raymark superfund site has been a decades long process with many challenges along the way, but we continue to push forward with all hands on deck. This investment will continue to enable efforts to improve our environment for local residents. It is another step forward to repurposing the site and building our future. I applaud the efforts of my colleagues representing Stratford, our local town officials, state officials, and our local Stratford residents who have all worked together to make sure the remediation project remains a priority.”


“I am pleased that the State Bond Commission has included this additional state funding for the remediation project at the Raymark superfund site here in Stratford,” said Rep. Joseph P. Gresko, the House Chair of the Environment Committee, which has cognizance over the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. “This project has been a long and sometimes frustrating journey, but it is the right thing to do to protect our residents and our environment. I want to thank Governor Lamont for his role in allowing this item to be placed on the agenda.”


“It’s good to see this long-awaited cleanup taking the next step forward. I applaud my colleagues for prioritizing this investment, and thank Mayor Hoydick for continuing to make the health of Stratford residents a top priority,” said Rep. Ben McGorty.


“I am thrilled that Stratford will receive state funding to address the issues caused by the Raymark superfund site.  The site endangered our residents as well as the environment – this remediation project will have an immensely positive impact on both,” said Rep. Phil Young.


“I am thankful to Governor Lamont for approving this funding for our community in Stratford,” said Sen. Dennis Bradley. “Residents deserve a safe and clean environment and investing in the Raymark Superfund Site is a step in the right direction. The Stratford delegation has worked hard to fight for this project and I am thrilled to see the process is in motion and this area will be worked on to get cleaned up. I am grateful to the Stratford Delegation and the Mayor for working on securing this funding.”


“I thank Stratford’s legislative delegation, the Governor, and the State Bond Commission for recognizing the Raymark Superfund remediation as a significant priority for our town, the region and the state,” said Mayor Laura R. Hoydick.  “This funding will help us get significantly closer to realizing the cleanup of this long-standing issue, and our continued collective commitment to this project is essential to seeing it through to completion.”