Sen. Rob Sampson Statement Nov 29, 2021 on Election Audit Letter

November 29, 2021

Re: Wendy Rogers Letter

As a result of misleading reporting and the incompetence of a legislator in another state, I have had dozens of people – people who ought to be my strongest supporters and defenders–dragging my name through the mud.

With respect to Senator Rogers’ letter, I have already made an official statement correcting the facts:

Unfortunately, Senator Rogers has chosen to distort what happened to imply that I changed my mind or that I signed and then took my name off etc.  That is not true.  I did not ask to REMOVE my name from her letter.  After ignoring my questions—which she still has not answered—Senator Rogers chose to add my name to her letter without my knowledge or permission.  That by itself is a remarkably egregious and unethical thing to do, especially in politics.

Her failure to acknowledge that it was entirely her error shows that she is a reckless and dishonorable person.  By further implying that I changed my mind and am therefore a “RINO”, she proves that she is more interested in elevating herself at the expense of others than restoring elections.

To be clear, I favor election audits and support a nationwide forensic audit of the 2020 election.  State legislatures would be wise to do them.  There are genuine concerns in some states including Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin – and because we need to restore the people’s faith in the integrity of our election process.  I have made this point repeatedly in the state senate and will continue to.

I ask those who think that signing on to a self-serving letter from a state senator on the other side of the country should be the measure of whether I am worthy of your support to consider that nothing is that simple.

I have been the strongest defender of our constitutional principles against the tide of far-left progressive socialism since the day I arrived in the Connecticut legislature.  I would put my record against anyone else in politics – certainly Senator Rogers.

As I stated in my reply to her dishonest tweet, I used to think she was in it to fight for election integrity, but it seems she is more interested in promoting herself.

I contacted her originally because I am sincere in my efforts to restore trust in our election system.  I may have been the only legislator in Connecticut who approached her letter seriously.  However, I don’t act rashly, for fun, or just to make noise.  I wanted to understand her position and her goals.  I might have even signed her letter had she answered my questions and not added me without my consent and then lied about it.

However, I do not wish to associate myself with Senator Rogers or anyone else whose careless approach will bring our cause into disrepute.  Her use of my name without my permission crossed a clear ethical line, for which she owes me an apology, not an ignoble attack on my integrity.

I have cast dozens of difficult votes in the General Assembly, and I have stood alone more often than any other legislator in Connecticut precisely because I am not a coward and I stick to my ideals.

I will continue to be an unwavering voice for American principles including maintaining the integrity of voting here in our state and across the country.  I ask those who share our values to examine my record and support my efforts.

Finally, I will be hosting a Zoom / FB Live meeting to discuss election issues and concerns in Connecticut.  I am happy to discuss this issue also.  Please join me on my Facebook Page. on Wednesday evening December 1, 2021, at 7pm.