Sen. Rob Sampson Nov. 24 2021 Statement on Election Audit

November 28, 2021

Sen. Rob Sampson (R-16) reacts to incorrect report that he called for a 50-state audit of the 2020 Election Results:


“It’s come to my attention that it is being reported that I have added my name to Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers Letter calling for a 50-state audit of the 2020 election.

“I have not signed this letter. In late October, I had my legislative assistant contact Senator Rogers in response to inquiries from several constituents suggesting I should sign on.  We followed up by email to Senator Rogers asking her to provide us with a copy of the letter, her justification for requiring an audit of all 50 states, and any evidence she had collected in support of that effort.

“She responded by letting me know that nearly 200 other legislators had signed the letter and to reply by email if I wished to be added. There were no answers to my questions and no evidence provided so I chose not to.

“My duty and responsibility is to my constituents right here in our state.  Anyone following election law and process in our state knows that I am loudest and most committed voice fighting for election integrity in Connecticut. I serve as the ranking Republican member of the Government Administration and Elections committee and year after year, I have proposed legislation for audits, for photo identification, for signature verification, and for improving our election system so that the results are something every person regardless of their political party can and will trust.

“It is true that our state has significant election integrity issues, particularly with mail-in voting – which I have detailed in hours of senate debate, but they are different from the issues in Arizona and around the country.  I appreciate Senator Rogers’ efforts to draw attention to election integrity.  However, find it improper to call for the decertification of any election without first providing proof.”