Kelly Responds to Lamont Saying He Won’t Pursue Tolls or New Gas Tax

November 16, 2021

Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) released the following statement in response to reports that Governor Ned Lamont said today he will not pursue tolls or a new gas tax under the Transportation and Climate Initiative program:


“Families are struggling every day to balance their kitchen table budgets. Food is more expensive. Gas prices are surging. Energy is unaffordable. The fact that people are struggling has not stopped CT Democrats from proposing tax increases on low- and middle-income families before. But I am hopeful that this shift in Gov. Lamont’s position is sincere and more than just a campaign promise. I hope he is ready to rally with us and push back against Democrats who continue to push for new taxes on those who can least afford them.


“Tolls and the TCI gas tax were never about transportation or the environment. They were about money. There are better ways to achieve cleaner air and make investments in transportation without taking more from taxpayers’ wallets. Republicans have shown that way before. The public has done a phenomenal job speaking out and rallying with us against these new taxes. We will continue to fight for solutions that help working- and middle-class families, that support our environment, and that invest in transportation infrastructure.”