Blumenthal talks gas prices, but still silent on CT Democrats’ push for new gas tax

November 10, 2021

Kelly: “Sen. Blumenthal has not backed up his words with action.”


Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) released the following statement in response to U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal’s recent comments calling high gas prices “regressive” and calling on President Biden to dip into emergency reserves. His comments come at the same time CT Democrats continue to push for a new state gas tax.


“Americans are concerned about the impact of inflation on their kitchen table economics, and a vast majority are already being hurt by rising prices on gas and food. It’s completely out of touch for CT Democrats to continue pushing for a new gas tax which only worsens that situation. I absolutely agree with Sen. Blumenthal’s comment that increases in gas prices hurt moderate and lower-income families the most. But Sen. Blumenthal has not backed up those words with action. He refuses to speak out against CT Democrats’ proposed gas tax. He ignores our calls to reject the new Connecticut tax and work on better solutions to reduce emissions on the federal level. If Sen. Blumenthal stands by his words that increases in gas prices hurt to low- and middle-income families, then he needs to stand with us against a new gas tax. He needs to stand up to Connecticut Democrats. He needs to work with us on better clean air solutions that don’t take more out of our families’ budgets when they can least afford it.”