Sen. Rob Sampson Demands Executive Branch Response and Transparency with Covid Policies

October 4, 2021

Sen. Rob Sampson was joined by the Connecticut Senate Republican Caucus in putting out a letter last week defending people’s religious rights in the wake of the vaccine mandate on state employees. Employees claiming a religious exemption will face scrutiny and possible denial. Under the Governor’s administration, unelected bureaucrats will be authorized to determine the legitimacy of religious claims – in direct conflict with U.S. and State Constitutional protections.


“Consider this a public reminder to react to my letter. And while he is at it, I hope the Governor will finally respond to the recent Law Enforcement Today article where he is accused of profiting from the arrangement between the state and its contacted Covid-19 testing company, Sema4. People deserve to know whether or not there is any substance to this allegation.


“Instead of answers, we are seeing announcements (like this Article) that the State has begun a program where they can provide weekly Covid-19 testing for unvaccinated students at school. Routinely testing Connecticut’s student body will lead to widespread quarantines of asymptomatic students, further stunting their education, in what strikes me as a perverse effort to tee the Governor up for mandating Covid-19 vaccines for all students.”