To Students, Parents & Educators: Best Wishes for a Successful, Safe School Year

September 1, 2021

Dear Neighbors and Friends:

As a father of two, I join fellow parents in experiencing the many feelings associated with the first day of school. For our kids, it’s another step on their road to adulthood, which is full of many challenges in today’s landscape. There’s hope that they get through another school year and continue the important development of their minds; there is also concern and anxiety that they are safe throughout this yearly nine-month journey.

Thank you to the teachers, staff and administrators for your hard work and dedication to educating our next generation. Equally important, thank you for treating our children as your own while they are under your care during the school day, looking out for their safety.

As the ranking member on the legislature’s education committee, I will continue to do my best to work together with all parents and educators to make sure every child has the necessary resources to succeed.

To the students and teachers: may you challenge your minds every day, grow as individuals, respect others and–most importantly–have a great year and have some fun along the way.