Report on CT’s Lagging Economy, Income Inequality an Indictment of CT Democrats’ Policies

September 15, 2021

HARTFORD – Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) today reacted to a new report released by Connecticut Voices for Children which found that CT’s economy lags behind the nation, Connecticut struggles with jobs and unemployment, and residents face significant income inequality. The report highlighted sluggish growth over the last decade and concluded that Connecticut is going to take significantly longer than other states to recover from the COVID recession because of job losses and inequality.


Sen. Kelly said, “This report is an indictment of the Connecticut Democrats’ economy, which does not perform for low- and middle- income families. As the report’s author says, ‘Connecticut’s economic pie has shrunk over the last decade and the wealthy are taking an unfair … share.’


“For the last decade Connecticut Democrats’ policies controlled our state and created the environment we are in today. Democrats have no grip on the financial burdens of working- and middle-class families.  They failed to create the quality jobs people need to build a ladder out of poverty. Their policies made Connecticut more unaffordable. And income growth has not kept up with our state’s absurdly high costs on everything from taxes to health care.  Our health care is unaffordable. Housing is unaffordable. Electricity is unaffordable. Gas is unaffordable. And Democrats want more of the same.


“The solution is not more of the same. It’s not more government and more taxes. That Democratic strategy has only made the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and hindered the growth of opportunity and jobs we need to help people up and out of poverty.


“There is a better way. We must remove barriers to job growth and workforce development. We must prioritize spending and empower communities – not politicians – to make decisions about their needs. We must put success, jobs and opportunity in reach for all people. Republicans will continue to fight for policies that move us in this direction.”