Connecticut Displaces New Jersey as the State with the Largest Taxpayer Burden

September 30, 2021

Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) reacted to a new report released this week which shows Connecticut has the highest taxpayer debt of any state in the nation.

According to Truth in Accounting’s annual Financial State of the States 2021 report Connecticut would need $62,500 from each of its taxpayers to pay all of its bills – the highest in the nation.

“This report is another indictment of the Connecticut Democrats’ inability to manage state finances and protect taxpayers,” said Sen. Kelly. “Our state is at the top and bottom of the wrong lists. Connecticut is dead last in the nation in job growth, last in income growth, and last in recovery from the COVID recession. Yet we are number one for taxpayer burdens. Middle- and low-income families are struggling. Health care is unaffordable. Housing is unaffordable. Electricity is unaffordable. Gas is unaffordable. And the threat of even more taxes from Democrats who control our state is ever present.

“The solution is not more of the same. It’s not more government and more taxes. This must be a call to action to pursue better ways to create opportunity and a healthy economy in our state. Years of Democrats in complete control of our state has brought us to this point. We need change, we need balance, we need government to look out for working- and middle- class families to move our state forward.”