August 27, 2021

Sen. Tony Hwang (R-28th Senate District) as the co-ranking leader of the CT General Assembly’s Public Health Committee and as former Chairman of the Housing Committee shared his concerns for the looming housing crisis in CT now that the United States Supreme Court has issued their decision to overturn the existing eviction moratorium.


State Senator Tony Hwang said, “Connecticut residents who are struggling to find work and pay their bills are facing some incredible challenges with the federal CARES Act’s weekly unemployment insurance and self-employed financial support ending on September 4 and now with the overturn of the moratorium on rental evictions.


“Ending eviction protection removes an important buffer to protect people from homelessness. This is terrible timing to terminate what has served as a lifeline for people struggling with employment, health and other challenges which were exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic while federal financial support is also ending.


“The immediate moratorium expiration will create a possible tsunami of evictions and homelessness resulting in a possible housing and public health crisis during the current Covid-19 pandemic.


“As a person who has personally experienced and benefitted from federal housing support when our family first immigrated to America nearly 45 years ago, I strongly believe that housing stability is essential to health, safety and a foundational base to pursuing the American dream of social and economic prosperity.  I am committed to working collaboratively with federal, state and local leaders to ensure access to safe, secure and accessible housing for everyone.


“If you or someone you know is struggling to make their rent or utility payments, there is assistance available through programs like the CT Department of Housing’s UniteCT. I will be working with the CT Department of Housing to bridge significant informational gaps that exist for segments of the population that are caused either by cultural, language or technology limitations. We need to focus our efforts to educate, raise awareness and outreach to help those in critical need of housing services to either help people stay in their current residence or find a new, suitable place to live.”


Senator Hwang met with CT’s Department of Housing (CT DOH) Commissioner Selia Mosquera-Bruno following the 2-day lapse in eviction protection earlier in August, which led to a spike in eviction filings and decisions. Senator Hwang is working with Commissioner Mosquera-Bruno and Housing Support advocates throughout the state to raise awareness and undertake a proactive plan of action to address the looming Covid-19 impacted housing crisis that will now escalate dramatically with the expiration of federal and state rental eviction protection/moratorium.



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