Sen. Martin: Transportation and Climate Initiative another money grab

August 12, 2021

Waterbury Republican American letter to the editor

Anyone who drives a vehicle to get to work – especially Connecticut’s Democratic legislators – should read the Aug. 9 editorial, “Get tough on TCI reboot,” on the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI).

The Democrats’ TCI gasoline-tax proposal would increase the price of gasoline, groceries and home-heating oil, and add new regressive burdens on to Connecticut residents at the absolute worst possible time. The facts show TCI won’t improve our aging transportation infrastructure or our air quality.

And if it’s such a great environmental policy, why did the Sierra Club withdraw its support for TCI?

Consider this eye-opening calculation: TCI could underfund Connecticut’s struggling Special Transportation Fund (STF) by $500 million over 10 years, according to numbers crunched by the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association. This would, of course, accelerate the STF’s insolvency.

The bottom line?

Follow the money.

It’s all about generating more and more tax revenue. It’s yet another way for one-party-rule government to put its hands in your wallet.

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People of all ages and all political parties are welcome to join us in the fight. Enough is enough.


Henri Martin


Sen. Martin, a Republican, represents Connecticut’s 31st Senate District, which covers Bristol, Plymouth, Plainville and Thomaston, as well as part of Harwinton. He is the Senate ranking member on the legislature’s Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee.