Sen. Kelly to Gov. Lamont: Drop the New Gas Tax. Fuel Shortage, Inflation Threaten Recovery.

August 11, 2021

In a letter to Governor Ned Lamont, Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) is urging the Governor to drop his support of the TCI gas tax proposal which could spur massive fuel shortages and long gas lines, as critics in Massachusetts have recently warned. The new gas tax is being pushed by Democrat lawmakers who want to vote on the proposal in a special legislative session this September and would further raise the price of gasoline at a time when inflation is already impacting family budgets.


“I urge you to reconsider your position advocating for a new gas tax that not only burdens working and middle class families with a $100 million new tax, but that also puts our state in jeopardy for a fuel shortage that would dramatically impact daily life, jobs, and our entire state’s recovery,” wrote Sen. Kelly.


A recent article in the Boston Herald examined how Massachusetts would need to reduce fuel usage by 52 million gallons by 2025 to reach the goals of the program, which translates to 80,000 fewer gas powered cars on the road. Meaning that if 80,000 cars are not swapped for electric vehicles people could be going without gas.


To further put these concerns into perspective, the article explains, “In 2020, just 2,000 electric vehicles were sold in Massachusetts, according to Mass Fiscal. To avoid gas shortages by 2025, the state will need to be selling 2,000 each month beginning in July.”


Sen. Kelly wrote to Governor Lamont questioning if the administration has examined the potential impact of a fuel shortage in Connecticut.


“We all witnessed shortages of necessities like toilet paper, cleaning supplies and empty shelves during the early days of the pandemic. Imagine what a shortage in gasoline would look like?” wrote Kelly, pointing to a potentially devastating impact on jobs and recovery.


Sen. Kelly also pointed to the damaging impact of higher gas taxes and inflation already being felt by residents.


“Americans are concerned about the impact of inflation on their kitchen table economics, and a vast majority are already being hurt by rising prices on gas and food. A new gas tax only worsens that situation,” said Kelly.


Read Sen. Kelly’s full letter to Gov. Lamont here.