Say “NO” to more Rate Hikes

August 2, 2021

August 31st CT Insurance Department Public Hearing on Proposed Health Insurance Rate Increases

CT’s major insurance companies have proposed their 2021 rate increases to the CT Department of Insurance. Now the department is holding a public hearing at the end of August to consider comments and questions from officials and members ahead of their decision on whether or not to approve these rate hikes.Proposed rate increases range from 5.1% to 12.3% in plans that currently cover about 222,700 people in Connecticut. More information is available on the department website.

How to participate in the hearing and/or get your comments on the record

Meeting Date: Tuesday, August 31, 2021 from 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Attend in person: CT Insurance Department, 153 Market Street, 7th Floor, Hartford

Watch LIVE via the Department’s YouTube Channel 

BE HEARD! You can submit comments by email [email protected] with your name and testimony attached no later than 4:00 pm on Friday, August 27, 2021. cc me at [email protected].

I will personally deliver your testimony to the public hearing and make sure your voice is heard loud and clear!In person, for those attending the public hearing, people will be able to present their testimony. Speakers are limited to 3 minutes per person and unfortunately the department is already notifying people that not everyone will be able to speak.

This same process (proposal, public hearing, decision) went on in Summer 2019 and the Department ultimately approved rate increases at much lower rates than those originally requested, because people like you spoke out!

I am opposed to these cumulative costly insurance hikes affecting individuals and small groups. Health insurance in CT is ALREADY unaffordable. The cost growth is out of control and insurance premiums are often the size of a monthly mortgage payment.

Legislative Democrats have an on-again, off-again emergency attitude toward making changes to finally rein in runaway healthcare costs, Democrats are favoring reforms that would lead to a state run public option program.  We need real solutions and financial relief not political rhetoric and posturing.

This past session, Democrat legislative leaders would not even consider for a floor vote Senate Republicans and Governor Lamont’s proposals & solutions to rein in growing health care costs, make prescription drugs more affordable, and reduce health insurance premiums by $500 per month for the average family.

I led the effort in the 2021 session to present a viable, tested, multi pronged approach to gaining control over health insurance and healthcare costs in CT. The plan includes proven solutions like:


I will continue to fight for policies that address cost drivers, reduce premiums by an average of 25% – 30%, and improve quality care. 

I urge you to help keep the pressure on state officials to stop increasing costs and start implementing solutions.

Be well,