Kelly Urges Blumenthal to Oppose New State Gas Tax

August 12, 2021

Senator Blumenthal Says He Opposes a Federal Gas Tax Hike, But Why is He Silent on a New State Gas Tax?


HARTFORD – Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) is urging U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal to speak out against a new state gas tax being pushed by Connecticut Democrats, just as he has spoken out against a federal gas tax increase.


Senator Blumenthal says he opposes federal gas tax increases, but has been silent on Connecticut Democrats’ efforts to implement a new TCI gas tax.


Connecticut Democrats are pushing for a vote on the new $100 million TCI gas tax during a special legislative session to take place in September. Sen. Kelly wrote to Sen. Blumenthal urging him to oppose the regressive new tax and sign the Senate Republicans’ petition at


“Americans are concerned about the impact of inflation on their kitchen table economics, and a vast majority are already being hurt by rising prices on gas and food,” wrote Sen. Kelly. “A new gas tax only worsens that situation.”


“If you truly oppose a gas tax increase, I ask that you also stand in opposition to a new state gas tax being pushed by Connecticut Democrats,”  said Sen. Kelly, referencing Sen. Blumenthal’s statements opposing a federal gas tax increase, and his silence on the state gas tax proposals.


To learn more about the proposed new gas tax and Senate Republican ideas for a better way to cleaner air visit


Read Senator Kelly’s letter to Senator Blumenthal here.