Let Freedom Ring

July 3, 2021

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I want to wish you a happy, safe, and patriotic Independence Day.

Despite the difficult times America has been through in the past year and since 1776, our great country still stands as the brightest beacon of freedom and opportunity for the whole world to this day.

I implore you to take time to recognize and appreciate the precious freedoms you and I enjoy every day. Our country’s founders fought to enable those rights and without proper protecting America and Connecticut will continue down a path towards progressive socialism which puts those liberties at risk.

I often say that there is no greater blessing than to be born or to become an American citizen.  Let us all work together to preserve our freedom, our way of life – and our history, good and bad, and use this knowledge to continue working towards the more perfect union we have always been meant to be.

I remain committed to defending America’s history and principles and rebuilding Connecticut.  Have a safe and healthy Independence Day.

May God Bless America,