State Senator Tony Hwang Speaks Against Further Extending Governor’s Emergency Powers

July 8, 2021

HARTFORD – State Senator Tony Hwang (R-28) released the following statement regarding CT Democratic legislative leaders’ plans to extend Governor Ned Lamont’s pandemic-related emergency powers for another six months:


“Following a weekend spent remembering the significance of our representative government,  independent from a monarch’s control, it is incredibly ironic that the majority Democratic party is instead seeking to further abdicate their responsibility as elected representatives and allow the Governor to continue to manage the state alone. This is an arrangement of convenience seeing that the legislature was somehow able, under emergency regulations, to convene and pass a tremendous amount of laws which affect the state of Connecticut far beyond the matters of public health and safety as they relate to the pandemic.


“On the subject of convenience, the Capitol – the people’s house – was only partially opened to the public AFTER the close of the regular legislative session. This pandemic has allowed Hartford Democrats to pick and choose when to apply the risk of Covid-19. On one hand we have well-attended sporting events and concerts, but on the other hand we have closed government buildings and mask mandates for our schools.


“It’s high time for the majority to take a look at the numbers and start basing their policies on facts and metrics instead of whim and convenience.


“If citizens want to call to end Governor Lamont’s Emergency Powers, they should contact Senate Democrats at 860 240-8600 and House Democrats at 860 240-8500.”