Senator Witkos Votes Against Extension of Governors Emergency Powers

July 14, 2021




“Earlier today, the Legislature approved yet another extension of the Governor’s emergency authority, now set to expire September 30th.    As I’ve done previosuly, I voted against this additional extension and I feel strongly that it is long past time the Governor relinquish his usage of these emergency powers.


Over the past year and a half, our state has faced unprecedented challenges.  During the first few months of the pandemic it was prudent to make use of the statutory authority to allow the Governor the flexibility to implement emergency orders in an effort to keep our residents as safe as possible during truly worrisome times.


We have come a long way from March 2020.  Infections are down considerably, averaging less than 1% for the last several weeks, and our state has made significant headway in getting individuals vaccinated.


The legislature has shown that it can work efficiently and productively, even on short notice.  This extension of powers is simply not necessary and it is disappointing that the Governor chooses to lead in this fashion, rather than with the co-equal branches of government as it was designed”


The extension was approved in the State Senate by a vote of 19-15.