Sen. Sampson on the Extension of Governor Lamont’s Emergency Powers

July 14, 2021

WATCH Sen. Sampson’s Floor Remarks:


HARTFORD – Sen. Rob Sampson (R-Wolcott) led the opposition today on the resolution to further extend the Governor’s Emergency Powers. He shared the following statement:

“We are all witness to irony in its purest form. With a full complement of staff, legislators, press, and even members of the public, the General Assembly voted today to extend the Governor’s emergency powers. Four members of the Senate Democrat Caucus broke ranks and voted no along with Republicans further illustrating the lack of credibility in the argument that we are still in an emergency situation.

“I am mystified by the arrogance of Governor Lamont prolonging this lopsided and anti-democratic governing tactic on the overstretched coattails of the coronavirus.

“It’s a blatant overreach. Should another emergency arise or if a variant of Covid-19 were to reach critical mass, he could easily declare a new emergency and we could manage that scenario in its own rite.

“My own constituents and friends were surprised to hear that the state was even considering extending Governor Lamont’s emergency powers when we are simultaneously being told to visit museums and attend concerts and sporting events en masse.

“Make no mistake. Any legislator who voted yes today voted to ignore the importance of their responsibility to the people who elected them. That dereliction of duty is unforgivable.

“I voted no today because it is time for state government to return to work. Connecticut should be working toward a brighter future instead of continuing to wade through the excuses of the pandemic.”