Kelly: Lamont too comfortable ruling by executive order, Dems too comfortable letting him

July 26, 2021

Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) released the following statement regarding today’s meeting of the General Assembly to consider challenging the Governor’s vetoes. No action was taken by the legislature today, thereby allowing the Governor’s vetoes to stand.


“The Governor is entitled to veto any bill, and the legislature has a right to challenge or let a veto stand. But what the Governor did regarding the bill limiting the use of solitary confinement, vetoing the measure and then quickly issuing an executive order to implement his own vision on the issue, is troubling given where we are today. Governor Lamont has become far too comfortable ruling by executive order and the Democrat-controlled legislature is far too comfortable letting him.


“Regarding the Governor’s veto of a bill impacting Probate Court orders that gained unanimous, bipartisan support in the Senate, I remain disappointed that Governor Lamont is siding with big government over poor, vulnerable, and disabled individuals. I will continue to fight for the most vulnerable and work to ensure orders and decrees from Probate Court – the people’s court – are respected by executive branch agencies.”