Sen. Cicarella Applauds State Funding for East Haven’s Hagaman Library, Wallingford YMCA

July 23, 2021

State Sen. Paul Cicarella (R-North Haven) today applauded the State Bond Commission’s approval of $159,375 in bond funding for emergency roof repairs at East Haven’s Hagaman Library and another $750,000 of bonding for renovation and expansion of the Wallingford YMCA. The commission met today to approve the bond package and the funds can now be allocated.


“Thank you to the legislature for authorizing these important requests and to the commission for its approval. I am confident that the state will see a positive return on its investments in East Haven and Wallingford. The Hagaman Library and Wallingford YMCA provide valuable services to thousands of members of our community and enhance quality of life,” said Senator Cicarella.


“In East Haven, we’ll see critical repairs to our library’s roof that enable it to continue as a hub for community learning and education. Also, renovation and expansion of Wallingford’s YMCA brings the building up to modern standards to benefit the health and wellness of those in our community. Now, more than ever, it is important that we provide our residents with safe and modern spaces to learn, exercise and connect with each other,” he said.