Sen. Cicarella Applauds Proposed Federal Legislation Based on ‘Tristan’s Law’

July 21, 2021


Sen. Cicarella praises a proposed U.S. Senate bill based on “Tristan’s Law”,
introduced by U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (left), at the home of Tristan’s parents
Christi Carrano and Tyler Barhorst (right) in Wallingford.


State Senator Paul Cicarella (R-North Haven) today applauded proposed federal legislation based on “Tristan’s Law,” a bipartisan bill that he championed during the 2021 regular legislative session and was signed into state law by Governor Lamont in June. The Connecticut law is unofficially named after Tristan Barhorst, 10, who was struck and killed by a motorist while crossing the street from an ice cream truck in 2020.


Senator Cicarella joined U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., Tristan’s parents Christi Carrano and Tyler Barhorst and their family and friends in Wallingford for the announcement from Senator Blumenthal. The proposed federal legislation will provide incentives to states that choose to adopt and implement laws to increase the safety of frozen dessert truck patrons.


“All of the good that will come from this bill is a direct result of Christi and Tyler’s tireless advocacy and bravery in the face of an unthinkable situation. The bipartisan bill that I worked on with our transportation committee and Representative Fishbein moved along quickly because it was common-sense legislation that protects our kids. When these children stand alongside an ice cream truck, they are not thinking of the hazards around them. This law raises this awareness for all passers-by so that they must observe the needed precautions,” said Senator Cicarella.


“I am pleased that the law received federal recognition, and it’s all because of the friends and family here today that wrote letters, started petitions and gave support every step of the way. I hope that it receives the same bipartisan support in congress and moves forward as quickly as it did in Connecticut,” he said.