When you’re taking flack, you must be over the target.

June 9, 2021

I was surprised to see the Hartford Courant print this unfair and untrue hit piece editorial both having never contacting me for comment, and after their reporter, Daniela Altimari, wrote such a fair article on the subject.

I have only have two comments:

First, I did not cite examples during the senate debate simply because, serving in the minority, I had no warning that the bill would be called or that I would need to introduce an amendment. With only minutes to prepare, I was not offered an opportunity to research. A simple Google search will render proof of how ‘equity,’ ‘social justice’ or ‘critical race theory’ have become omnipresent in our state government and our school systems.

Second, I will let the words of the amendment speak for themselves so readers can make their own determination on the value of this policy which only seeks to fight systemic, institutional racism. I would hope that the Hartford Courant would print the text. (amendment linked and attached)

I would recommend that those interested in looking for the truth behind this discussion view the actual floor debate available at ct-n.com or senatorsampson.com instead of settling for toxic, partisan rhetoric.