(WATCH) Sen. Champagne Explains Recreational Cannabis Bill Effects on Law Enforcement

June 9, 2021

Watch HERE from WFSB:

Lawmakers hammered out the state budget with less than 24 hours remaining in the legislative session.

It was the first bipartisan budget since 2018.

However, Democrats and Republicans continue to spar over legalizing recreational marijuana.

In fact, the House Speaker said there will be a special session to take up legalizing recreational marijuana.

He said Republicans who are against the legislation are planning to have lengthy debates, and since the session ends at midnight, there wouldn’t be enough time to pass a bill.

“I’ve heard from my counterparts on the other side is they will talk until midnight, so what we will do is call ourselves back into session at a date and time of our choosing. We will do the budget implementer and the legalization of cannabis,” House Speaker and Democratic State Rep. Matt Ritter.

Many Republicans don’t support it.

“Basically, someone can drive around, smoke marijuana as they are driving, and if that’s the only violation an officer sees, there’s nothing he can do,” said Republican State Senator Dan Champagne.

The plan is to come back within seven to 14 days because it will be special session. Recreational marijuana will have to be voted on in both chambers.

Calling lawmakers and staff back in for a special session will cost additional money.