WATCH: Senator Rob Sampson Calls on Colleagues to Promote Unity, Bipartisanship

June 7, 2021

Senator Rob Sampson (R-16) offered an amendment on Senate Bill 1073, An Act Concerning Equity and Opportunity in State Government, which would address the rising concern of schools taking up “Critical Race Theory” as part of their curriculum:


**Click to read the full text of amendment and vote tally**


Senator Sampson shares the following statement on the amendment:


“We are witnessing another verse in a litany of policies this session based in politics and not policy – and masquerading as “equity.”  We have seen race, gender and other discriminatory assessments be inserted into bills affecting public health, government composition, and the environment.


“I say ‘enough is enough.’ We are witnessing the progressive left attempting to divide our country using race and gender as political wedges. Worse, they are enacting actual laws that will have dangerous consequences in the future   How can we allow this legislature to saddle our children and grandchildren with the reparations of history’s shortcomings?


“Today, every Democrat Senator voted against the principle that we should not divide people based on their race or gender for the actions of similar people from generations past.  Why?”