Sen. Rob Sampson on the 2021-2022 Budget, Implementer

June 25, 2021


In the wake of a “victory lap” announcement from the Governor’s Office touting the positives about the 2021-2022 State Budget, Senator Rob Sampson (R-16) released the following statement to further explain why he voted no on both the budget (House Bill 6689) and the implementer (Senate Bill 1202):


Residents of Connecticut are being fed a fairy tale story about the financial status of our state currently and in it’s future. I simply cannot understand how members from both sides of the aisle could support a budget that increases spending when we are in the midst of the most vulnerable, volatile fiscal scenario seen in a lifetime.


Exiting a pandemic requires thoughtful prioritizing of what services, offices and projects need to be funded. Politicians should leave pet and pork projects on the sidelines while we try to repair the damage done by a year’s long closure of the state.


There are real challenges facing Connecticut like getting people back to work, paying their own living expenses and repairing the economy.


Justifying a 6.5% increase in spending over the next two years with one-time federal spending is just irresponsible.


Calling this budget ‘no tax increase’ is a fantastical ruse for which we will be footing the bill for years to come. Sunsets are being eliminated on the corporate surcharge and property tax exemption and payment fees are being introduced, which are taxes on top of taxes. Worst of all, this budget is ‘balanced’ using $2 billion worth of new tax payer dollars yet to come from the federal government. These monies will not be there for the next budget cycle which leaves the Democrat majority with a ready-made excuse for another giant tax hike.


A real Connecticut comeback requires an honest look at what state monies – a k.a. the state taxpayers – should be funding. It’s high time to end the charade that Hartford Democrats have a handle on Connecticut finances.