Sen. Miner Supports Pro-Jobs, Energy-Sustainability Legislation

June 7, 2021

Bill Enables Combined-Heat Facilities Such as New Milford’s Kimberly-Clark to Maximize Economic Opportunity from Surplus Energy


Chief Deputy Senate Republican Leader Craig Miner (R-Litchfield) today issued a statement on the Senate’s passage of a bipartisan measure (H.B. 6527) that enables combined-heat facilities such as New Milford’s Kimberly-Clark to realize the full economic benefit from the resale of surplus energy from its combined-heat plant, known as a Class III renewable source output. The measure enables companies like Kimberly-Clark, a worldwide tissue manufacturer, to resell its significant energy surplus into a higher market rate-band, ensuring viability in both the industry and renewable energy market.


“I strongly advocated for this important measure because it benefits our region and the state twofold. First, it enables Kimberly-Clark to preserve 350 full-time jobs and 50 contract jobs in our region, continuing its role as a major economic driver that competes in the worldwide marketplace. It also enables Connecticut to realize the goal of the Connecticut Renewable Portfolio Standard of 2030, continuing our trend of net greenhouse gas reductions,” said Senator Miner.


The House of Representatives also approved this legislation, which takes effect on July 1. It now awaits Governor Lamont’s signature to become law.